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Want to work with a coach but don't know where to look?

Are you tired of browsing hours long?
Afraid to get ripped off?
Coaching sessions are too far, too expensive for you?
Don't have time to withdraw cash?
Do you keep forgetting your coaching sessions too?

It's over! From now on, BFOX stands by you!

It's over! From now on, BFOX stands by you!

BFOX is made for you

See how BFOX is redefining the world of coaching

30 seconds only to get your next session reserved
Coaches carefully screened and selected by our team
Coaching sessions that match your needs: one-to-one or group sessions, online or anywhere convenient for you. You name it!
Coaches reviewed by the BFOX community
Access your coaching history anywhere, anytime
Cancel your subscription anytime, cost-free
Your schedule automatically updated with your coaching sessions
Notifications to remind you your coaching session
Pay your coach in cash or directly in-app
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How was BFOX born?

Fayza Boutuil CEO and Founder @ BFOX COACH
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Hi, I'm Fayza.

In 2016, I learned about sharing economy and decided to write a thesis on it. I wrote it in 6 months. Five years later, it was still on my mind and I soon realized that I was meant to coach people. Along the way, I met hundreds of others who shared the same passion, or with a great coaching potential to be developed.

By day I am a Digital Project Manager. By night, I am a mom and a wife. In my dreams, I was dreaming to become an entrepeneur and to be my own boss. It's a done deal now!

I poured my heart and spent my time and my savings in developing an app that will allow everyone just like me to live from their passion for coaching.

Today my third baby has been born - BFOX. 🦊

Learn from the best. Anytime. From anywhere.

BFOX gives you great coaches to get you excellence and help you become the best version of yourself.

Learn in a fun way and meet new people at the same time!

With BFOX, your success is now obvious!

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They already share their passion by our side
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